Made in Texas: A Symphony of Style, Sips, & Sounds

Made in Texas: A Symphony of Style, Sips, & Sounds

Howdy, fellow Texans and lovers of all things Texas-made! Today, we would like to bring you on an educational tour through the heart and soul of our home, The Lone Star State.

Together, we'll explore the world of Texas apparel, sip on local whiskey and tantalizing tequilas, and experience the lively music scene that defines our great state.

Texas has produced many of the greats in the country music scene- artists like George Straight, Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers, Miranda Lambert, Pat Green and The Josh Abbott Band all have Texas roots.

So, grab your favorite Yeti tumbler and get ready to discover the perfect blend of shopping, whiskey, and music that make these Texas brands  truly special

Dress for the Part: Embracing Texan Style

When it comes to showcasing Texas pride through fashion, there are so many brands that capture the spirit of our beautiful state.

Texas fashion blends Western heritage, Southern charm, and eclectic influences, from classic cowboy boots to modern bohemian flair. Texas-made clothing is designed to be rugged and refined.  Showcasing a fusion of traditional Western wear, relaxed Southern aesthetics, and modern spins on classic silhouettes. Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail make supporting small business easier than ever.

Whether you're seeking a new pair of boots or looking to update your wardrobe with a modern take on the classics, these brands offer a true taste of Texas fashion:

  • Lucchese - Cowboy boots made in Texas since 1883, crafted with next-level attention to detail using only the finest quality materials around. Blending old-fashioned Western aesthetics and modern design, these boots are a beloved choice for TX boot enthusiasts, rodeo performers, and fashion-forward individuals.
  • Howler Brothers (related only by a mutual love for life) - A popular outdoor clothing inspired by classic surf culture, traditional Texas western wear, world cultures, food, and music. Their unique and stylish collections, bright details, and fun easy-going aesthetic captures the spirit of people who love being outdoors.
  • Criquet - Based in Austin, lovingly described by them as "the land of cold beer, live music, and tacos" , Criquet is a clothing brand that creates vintage-inspired golf shirts, polos, button-downs, and sweaters. Their collection captures the timeless style of the past, evoking the golden era of golf and traditional sportswear.

    Toasting to Texas Craftsmanship:

    Texas has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of spirits, particularly when it comes to whiskey. With well-established Texas distilleries and exciting up-and-coming ventures, Texas' whiskey and tequila scene offers flavors for everyone's tastes.

    One brand that is making waves on the spirit scene is Family Business Beer Co. by Jensen Ackles. This brewpub was founded by the eponymous Texan actor and whiskey enthusiast best known for his role as Dean Winchester in the popular show "Supernatural". Located just outside Austin, FBBC provides a range of beers, ales, lagers, session IPAs, and barrel-aged stouts.

    Or delight in Texas-made brand Epic Western, skillfully crafted using 100% Blue Agave Blanco Tequila sourced from a renowned family of tequileros in Jalisco, Mexico.

    Another favorite of lounging locals is La Pulga Spirits - specializing in 100% Additive-Free Blue Weber Agave Premium Tequila, Mezcal, and Sotol.

    Raise a glass to the craftsmanship found in every sip of Texas whiskey and tequila neat, a testament to the spirit of our great state.


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    Home, Home on the Stage - from Country and Rock to EDM and Folk, texas made music is the soul-stirring essence of Texas. The state's music scene is as diverse as it is captivating, with the Austin, TX music scene standing out as a vibrant hub.

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    Find Your Texan Spirit

    Embrace our rich heritage, support small Texas brands, and let the harmonious symphony of apparel, spirits, and music carry you to new heights.

    To discover more about NARWHAL Bluetooth speaker lids and elevate your musical experience, Visit Our Shop and experience the perfect blend of Texas sound and style.

    Cheers to the Texan soul!