It was a hot Summer day in Fort Worth, Texas and we were enjoying an ice-cold cocktail at the pool with some friends. We found ourselves being anchored to a clunky, bluetooth speaker with a bad signal. Getting our phones wet and NOT being able to meander around the pool area while keeping the "good tunes vibe" became a clear problem that we couldn’t endure any longer.  This first-world problem motivated us to create a solution that would relieve you of carrying around extra devices, allow the freedom to communicate with your phone (so that you don’t need to get it wet when changing the playlist or taking a phone call), and most importantly...allow you to keep the party poppin'. 

We went straight to work on creating our innovative design and with the help of our family and friends, we quickly became a husband and wife entrepreneurial team who launched their first product in November of 2020. 

While our first product, the NARWHAL Speaker Lid, is the catalyst to our brand, we are diligently working to deliver a blessing (a group of Narwhals - look it up) of unique products that can take your scene to the next level. NARWHAL is more than just a product, it’s a lifestyle and a brand rooted in pursuit of bringing you good times with innovation and convenience. 

We continually get asked “What does NARWHAL mean?” or “Why did you name it NARWHAL?”.  The answers are simple.  The Narwhal is the unicorn of the sea, but it’s BETTER and it’s REAL - which is the way we try to live - always striving for better and always authentic.  Bottom-line, it’s a killer name (you’re welcome).