Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NARWHAL Bluetooth speaker tumbler lid? How does a Narwhal Bluetooth Speaker Lid work? Here's the breakdown: It's a Bluetooth-enabled, water-resistant speaker designed to fit perfectly onto your favorite standard-sized stainless steel tumbler lid, turning your standard lid into something functional and fun.

Can I swap out the lid on my trusty Stanley or Yeti tumbler and replace it with this cool Bluetooth speaker? And which specific models of Yeti or Stanley drinkware is this speaker lid compatible with? Yes, we fit most Yeti models and some Stanley.  Please see our link, DOES IT FIT MY TUMBLER for a list of brands and sizes we fit (but there are still many others not listed).

Can I use the NARWHAL Bluetooth Speaker Tumbler Lid on a coffee mug instead of a tumbler? Is the speaker lid compatible with standard-sized coffee mugs? Answering that question can be a bit challenging unless your coffee mug is a standard 20oz stainless steel tumbler. However, if the inner diameter measures either 3.75" or 3.5", there's a strong chance that our 30oz or 20oz lid would fit perfectly.

Is this Bluetooth speaker water-resistant? Can it handle splashes or a rainy day? Can I accidentally drop it in water without worrying? Yes.  Our speaker lid is IPX6 water and dust resistant, which means it can withstand splashes, rainy days, or sunny days at the pool. While the bluetooth speaker can take on heavy water, we recommend not submerging.  It also handles impact shock well, too…..but like any piece of electronics, try not to spike it after your team scores a touchdown.

What is the battery life of the Bluetooth speaker lid? What is the average length of playback time on a full charge? How long should the battery be charged?What kind of charger is compatible? Each speaker lid includes a micro USB cable for charging. We recommend a 2-hour charge prior to use, providing at least 6 hours of continuous playback. The actual duration may be much longer depending on usage conditions or if there is any other interference. Some customers have reported up to 30 hours of battery life on a full charge!

What is the suggested range for the Bluetooth connection? Can the speaker maintain a stable connection over a long distance? What is the maximum distance it can be from a paired device? Our Bluetooth speaker range typically reaches up to 40ft. However, the actual range may vary due to interference from objects like walls, trees, or people and can be substantially greater in wide open spaces. 

How do I control music playback on the speaker lid? On the top surface of your NARWHAL Speaker lid, you'll find straightforward controls for power, play, pause, and volume adjustment. To skip to the next track, double-click the pause/play button.  Use the phone button to access your digital assistant.

Does the portable speaker have a built-in microphone? Can it be used for hands-free calling? How is the sound quality? Yes! By long-pressing the phone button, you can summon your digital assistant (such as Siri for iPhone, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant). This means that you can not only make calls, but also switch things up like change playlists or access other features handled by your digital sidekick, all without leaving your drink behind!

I'm an outdoor enthusiast. Can I take this Bluetooth speaker with me on my adventures? Will it survive high temperatures or cold weather? The biggest mistake you can make is to NOT bring it with you on your adventures! But we do want to advise you that while our Bluetooth speaker lids are designed to handle various conditions, it's a good idea to avoid leaving them in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. This way, you can keep them performing at their best and keep the party lasting longer.

Are there different color options available to choose from? Not yet, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying the OG.  Keep checking our shop for updates and other fun items, or enter your email address at the bottom of our homepage to be the first to know when we have a new release. 

Is the wireless speaker easy to clean? Are there any specific instructions for cleaning my Bluetooth speaker?  Absolutely! You can hand wash your favorite Speaker tumbler lid under the sink since it is water-resistant. For a thorough cleaning, close the slider completely, turn it upside down, and use a steel straw or similar object to gently push through and pop it off. Don't worry, it snaps back into place when you're done.

Is there a warranty available? Does it cover accidental damages or defects?  We stand behind our product but get that sometimes, life happens in unexpected ways. No worries!  While every NARWHAL speaker tumbler lid comes with a 3 month warranty, please reach out to us with any issues that might happen.  We will ask for pictures, and in some cases have you return the unit to us for evaluation before deciding the appropriate next steps. Either way, NARWHAL’s got you covered.

I lost my instruction manual.  Do you have another copy?

Absolutely, click here.