Does the NARWHAL Speaker Lid fit all 30oz stainless steel tumbler cups?

It fits most standard 4" tumbler cups. 

How do you wash the NARWHAL Speaker Lid?
The NARWHAL Speaker Lid is IPX6 water resistant which enables it to sprayed directly with water. The NARWHAL Speaker Lid is HAND WASH ONLY and submerging it under water should be avoided.  

For slider cleaning: Move slider to closed position, turn the NARWHAL Speaker Lid upside down and use an object like a steel straw to pop the slider off.

Does the NARWHAL Speaker Lid come in the standard 20oz size?

Not yet.  However, it's currently being designed in our laboratory in Fort Worth so we can bring it to a 20oz tumbler cup near you soon.

Will having a NARWHAL Speaker Lid or NARWHAL swag make me more cool?

After countless hours and vigorous testing we are certain that embracing the NARWHAL lifestyle will raise your game socially, professionally, and romantically. This is NARWHAL's guarantee to you.

I lost my instruction manual.  Do you have another copy?

Absolutely, click here.